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GoDaddy Reviews Uk : Pros & Cons of Using GoDaddy

GoDaddy is started their business as a domain registrar, but currently, it offers a variety of services you need to make sure your website grow up. From web hosting to website builders, emails, digital storage, online security, online storage, and many more things that can help you make your website stand above the competitors. With all these, GoDaddy is not only an online business anymore, but it has also become a brand itself.

If you have a look at other competitors and GoDaddy, you’ll see that GoDaddy have a good brand recognition if nothing else. All credit goes to their Ad commercials. I mean, who can forget those GoDaddy girls booming over the internet to the recent one of “helping small businesses.” GoDaddy has invested so much in their branding, and that’s why it good brand recognition. This brand recognition has helped them to become what are now. Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of GoDaddy’s web hosting to check if it is a good hosting choice or not.


  • Good Uptime- I am using GoDaddy’s web hosting on one of my website from over one and a half years now, and one thing that has impressed me so much is their uptime. Now It was not good when I joined them, but they have worked a lot to make sure that their servers won’t get down. The average uptime in the last one and a half year was around 98.76%, but in the last one year only, it was 99.99%.
  • Average Page Speed- GoDaddy’s server is well optimized to make sure that your website load as fast as possible. Now I am not saying that it offers superfast web servers, but if you optimize your website, you can get a good page speed. In my whole experience with GoDaddy, the page speed lies between 400ms to 600ms. Now it is not the best site speed, but according to price, it is a good one.
  • Free One Click Installers- GoDaddy offers more than 125 free one-click installers. With the help of this tool, you can install almost every application, such as Joomla, WordPress, etc. Along with this, they also support developer friendly tools like cPanel, MySQL, Python, and multiple versions of PHP.
  • Pricing- GoDaddy’s economy plan costs $2.99/month, but they offer a lot in this economy plan. They offer unlimited bandwidth with 100GB of storage, and if you compare other web hosts with the same pricing, you’ll get the difference.

Seems like a good web hosting deal? Well, decide it after seeing the ‘CONS’ of GoDaddy.

  • Lacks so many features- GoDaddy doesn’t provide anything for free like an SSL, Site Migration, Security, Backups or anything. If you need any of this thing, you need to pay for it. The worst thing is their site migration; they charge $99.99/site, which is okay that they are not offering this thing for free, but it will take 7-10 days. It makes it both expensive and slow, which is the worst thing.
  • Higher Renewal Rates- Like many other web hosts, GoDaddy also offers cheap pricing at the of buying, and when the renewal time comes, the price jumps from $2.99/month to $7.99/month.
  • Tricky Money Back Guarantee- Like others, it also offers a 30 days money back guarantee but it just on papers. They made it very tricky like if you want 30 days period, you need to buy the web hosting for a year. Even if you go for six months or 9 months plan, you will get just 48 hours to check their service.
  • Poor Tech Support- GoDaddy claims to offer 24/7 tech support through the Knowledgebase, live chat, and phone support. But I had a very bad experience with their support. I tried to contact them by their live chat support, but I just got the text of chat busy, even after five times in two days, I didn’t get connected with them. On the third day of trying, somehow I got connected, but the replies were taking around 3-5 minutes. Their phone support is even worst, I tried calling them, and they put my phone on hold for almost an hour with a recorded message that our team is busy helping others. It was the worst experience with GoDaddy’s tech support.

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